4 Types of Architectural Renderings for Exceptional Design Presentations

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Architectural Rendering is now considered as a powerful helping tool for conjuring up architectural projects. Which is particularly important in the conceptual design phase and the presentation of the final project to the clients. The companies who provide these services offer their clients the opportunity to explore multiple design possibilities and features. The choice of any rendering style depends on the factors like the project size, budget constraints and depends on the needs of the clients. So, basically this blog is all about discussing the diverse array of architectural rendering styles. Which helps to provide insights into how to select the best choice based on the client’s preferences.

Are you going to consider utilizing Architectural 3D Rendering Services for your upcoming project? Then that is your best decision so far because Renderings Architecture overtures different perspectives on the envisioned project. This method provides an accurate portrayal of the future building. Every client is unique for rendering companies. Because there is a high chance that each one of them wants a different design than the other. That is why the artists or the rendering professionals use different advanced softwares and tools to generate photorealistic images and videos.  There are various types of Rendering, each has a peculiar feature or you can say special things that are used for visualization.

Now if we talk about the selection of a Rendering Types, it basically involves a thoughtful consideration of many factors. It can be the type of projects, how much is the budget and client’s preferences. This way the artist decides to choose the most appropriate Architectural Rendering Styles. By gaining a deeper understanding of these considerations, architects and clients can collaborate effectively to bring their predicated projects to life.

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What is Architectural Rendering?

So what is Realistic Architectural Rendering? It is a unique art of producing lifelike 3D images that depict buildings interior or exterior. Many people now use these services in marketing efforts, enhancing presentations. Moreover, in identifying possible issues before even the start of the construction process. You can say in this present time, the use of Renderings of Buildings has become widespread. Now, people demand for modern style buildings and architectures that is why they utilize every new opportunity. The Photorealistic Architectural Renderings involves up-to-date technologies to generate animation or images. That closely resembles the intended real-world structures.

If a client is building a residential building and wants to see the future home images inside and out. The client will opt for Best Architectural Renderings services provider to visualize and make decisions before construction of the building.  So this process is particularly worthwhile for all the architects and designers. Because they can vitrine their ideas in a more tangible and immersive manner. The good thing is that every passing day technology continues to advance. Due to which Renderings Design has advanced into an imperative tool in the construction industry.

Exterior Architectural Renderings

Basically there are two main types of main terms used in architecture renderings. If we talk about Exterior Building Renderings then it is the 3D visualization of the exterior design of the building. What things are involved in exterior architect renderings? It can be the up and down shots, medium or close shots, aerial shots and so many others. These all combine to make a detailed and comprehensive exterior view of the building. There are two main types of exterior rendering, one is residential and the other is Commercial visualization.

1. Residential Exterior CGI

As from the name you might have understood that it is a detailed 3D rendering of houses or the apartment buildings. From simpler projects like regular houses to complex buildings like fancy vacation houses near beaches. This CGI helps to make the project look super cool from all the different angles. In addition to that all the realistic images are generated with the combination of different lights, weather and times of the day. Choosing the perfect surroundings also matters a lot. Rendering architecture helps a lot in explaining a whole story, depending on the client’s mood.

Residential exterior rendering helps to make a connection with the people. Because it helps people to see the project in the best way possible. So, when people feel more connected like that building is only for them, they do not take time to think and buy that building.

2. Commercial Exterior Rendering

Commercial Exterior Rendering is the process of generating CGI images and animations for the business related buildings. It can be any business, industry, education, or religious type buildings. For such commercial buildings Different Rendering Style Architecture like including people in the scene, students in the college and employees working in an office. This helps to show real life scenes for creating a story by choosing different settings. All depends on the rendering professionals.

By adding a human touch or various other things make the presentation more fascinating and engaging to show CGI of commercial buildings. It does not matter if it is a rushy business area or a quiet institutional setting. Commercial CGI helps to bring the spaces to life visually. Also, helping clients to understand easily.

Interior Architectural Renderings

If anyone wants to see how their interior will look, they can use Interior architectural rendering services from a well-known company. In this process it is very important to share the information about how rooms are arranged. What kind of furniture, bathroom and kitchen settings the clients want. All comes under this service. Basically, it helps to understand the layout and atmosphere of the room.

1. Residential Interior Visualization

So, Residential Architecture Renderer engenders realistic images to facilitate how the inside view of the building looks like. You can say it is a bit different from other types of architectural drawings because this mainly focuses on feelings and emotions. Professional Rendering helps to include various lighting options, tiny decorations and other important details. That can give clients an idea how their interior will look after installing things into their buildings.

This type of rendering is not just about showing the layout, it is all about making client’s connected to their future living spaces. Using 3D technology has ease so many things than small details can also be covered. Renderers can show how each room will be comfortable and convenient by using advanced softwares. Using different angles to zoom in. In short, you can take a virtual tour of your own house before even the construction has started. 

2. Commercial Interior 3D Visualization

Commercial Interior 3D Visualization means the interior view of the complex buildings like schools, offices, colleges, universities, hospitals and all other business related buildings. If any client wants to open a restaurant or a cafe, the client can use a 3D visualization method to see CGI animation and images. This can help that client in deciding the interior choices and they want any change.

It can be done within a short time and a few clicks. In short it is all about making things according to the client’s demands. When clients see that architects and designers are working according to their word. This helps in building trust and architects secure more and more projects.

Benefits of Using Architectural Renderings

There are multiple benefits of using architectural renderings.

  • The main one is for all the property dealers and sellers. Due to such realistic images and animations more clients get interested in their building project. Because they can see a clear view of the finished building, even if they do not want to buy. They start having interest in buying the house.
  • Secondly, it saves a lot of precious time for architects and clients. They do not have to wait long to see how the project will turn out in the end.
  • Thirdly, when the clients look at the 3D visualization images and if they want any changes in it. Rendering allows them to make changes without any penny spent.
  • It helps to save tons of money in the long run by preventing physical repairings. Also, renderings show intricate details accurately, helping in better planning.


By analyzing you would now know that there are different ways of performing Architectural Renderings. Each has its own pros and cons, only depending on what you want to show in the design. So, basically this purpose was to remove any confusion about the rendering types. That can help you better understand which one is best suitable for you. If you need a realistic 3D rendering or simply need a preview for your project. You can contact best architectural rendering services providers like SMAAV, working from many years in this field. Their rendering experts are super qualified in generating advanced and high-quality pictures.