10 Tips for Enhancing Your 3D Exterior Rendering

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Using 3D Exterior Rendering means following a thing called “First impression is the last impression”. Technology has taken over almost everything in the architectural field. From drawing sketches to transforming into 3D animations, modern tools have become the second hand of architects. Especially for the designers and artists, if we compare it with the old paper and pen method. Today professionals are lucky to be the part of digital era. They can process things quickly and accurately without compromising on the quality. But as a designer or an artist, you need to know the importance of enhancing your skills. So that with time you polish your 3D architectural exterior rendering services to attract more clients.

Do you know that clients always judge from the cover of the book? They first look at the exterior view of the building. Whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial. If they are not impressed by the exterior view, they will move on to the next one. So, that is why it is emphasized to realise the importance of 3D exterior rendering along with interior and other things. We are glad to serve and assist multiple clients for every type of project. If you are searching for professional 3D exterior rendering services then SMAAV company is the best of all! You can contact us and get the most accurate and stunning results.

SMAAV has been working as a 3D Exterior Rendering Company for several years. This has given an edge to our artists because they have tackled every situation and provided multiple design options to clients. Without any hesitation, send us a message and tell us about your project needs. We will cater to all your needs and deliver the best results. Once you will connect with our experts, you will know that we aim to prioritise our client’s demands and never disappoint them. In this article, we will give you some tips for enhancing your 3D Exterior Rendering.

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Best Tips to Enhance 3D Exterior Rendering!

1. Placing of Sun and Shadows

While developing a 3D rendering exterior of any structure remember to place the sun and shadow in the right way. Why? Because the angle of the sun affects how light falls on the scene. Whereas, shadow adds a realistic thing to the image. Our recommendation is to play with different sun positions to find what suits the best. For example, if you add trees in the scene then also add its shadow. It will enhance the look of the image and your client will also like it.

2. Add a touch of Sky

Adding a sky into your exterior rendering is difficult to handle but if you handle well. It makes the scene super realistic and attracts clients and investors. If you are skilled in using advanced tools like Photoshop, you can create the best visuals by adding sky. Remember, do not add clouds and sky in a way that the scene look unrealistic.

3. Choose Best Fit Texture

Choosing the right texture and material is very important for creating an outstanding 3D exterior rendering design. Pro tip: you can use high-resolution textures for the best outcomes. Let’s say that you add high-resolution lumber instead of low-quality lumber texture. It will help you add depth and create a realistic view.

4. Add Background

To create a 3D exterior render, it is crucial to create an image that looks natural. What can you do to make it look natural? You must match lighting and tone mapping! This will help to create a most realistic render with backgrounds. It is like you have to blend it with the scene. For example, you are creating the exterior look of a house, when you will add surroundings. It will give a more real look to your 3D exterior rendering.

5. Add Reflections

Do not underestimate reflections while doing exterior rendering. Let’s say that you are designing a room with a shiny floor. The shiny floor can include marble or polished wood. If you want to make it natural or realistic, what would you do? You will have to make sure while designing that the floor reflects the surrounding objects and lighting to the point. Make sure the reflection is balancing everything!

6. Add Human Beings in Surroundings

You can add people walking on the road or kids playing or cycling in the scene while rendering. This will give a more realistic view to the client that can compel them to buy that property. In short, it will add a unique touch to your exterior rendering

7. Add Cars

Add cars and other transports in your surroundings. If the garage is on the front side of the house. You can add any vehicle to add a natural touch to the scene.

8. Be Comprehensive

Being comprehensive means adding small details to your project scene. To make it look real you can imagine things what more possible things can be added to the scene. This will help you in adding small details to 3D exterior rendering.

9. Is Camera Height Perfect?

While doing rendering, first imagine yourself standing in front of the house. Add a balanced height of the camera that is not too high making the rendering unrealistic.

10. Have Meetings With Your Clients

This tip is the most important and time-saving! While performing 3D exterior rendering, you must remain in contact with your client. If you show your renderings in every step, it will help in reducing errors that can be pointed out at the end!

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In short, while doing a 3D exterior rendering for any project, do not forget to add as many details as you can. Why it is so important? Because more details mean the 3D visualisation will look more realistic and attract clients. Current time is all about being unique with your work. Otherwise, you always sit at the back of the class bench. So, do not compromise on investing time in learning new skills. Work hard and grab the opportunity to attract more clients towards your work. Read our guide learn from these tips and implement them in your projects for better results.